Saturday 29 April 2017

RimWorld Mods

Busy times but I have been getting in some playtime with RimWorld recently and wanted to share a few mods that ensure the current alpha is just a bit closer to a finished game.


Do you want to live in a world where almost everyone is gay? How about making the Kinsey scale distribution curved around the middle rather than at one side? Yep, that's on the cards with some expanded traits here.

I Can Fix It!

Things which break leave behind blueprints so someone will rebuild the broken wall once the raid is over. Combo with...

Fluffy Breakdowns

Things don't just randomly break but rather need to be maintained to keep them working. If you leave them too long without maintenance then the risk of breakdown increases.


Visitors now have a far larger part to play in the development of your camp and in needing space for them to rest.

Reclaim Fabric

Get some fabrics back from those worn clothes you're not going to sell based on just how ripped they are when you cut them back up and your skills with tailoring.

Crafting Hysteresis

Jobs that replenish stocks will pause themselves until a threshold is met rather than forcing someone to always jumping to top them off as soon as you fall one below the number in stock. Great if you've set up work that's efficient to do in bulk.

Balanced Neutroamine Production

Sorry but the mid-game needs more resources like Devilstrand and this creates a path out of herbal medicine that's reasonably balanced vs just buying it whenever you can from traders.

More Trade Ships

Speaking of traders, this puts more of them into the comms system and so makes that a valuable option even if you're getting a bit of RNG bad luck.

Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering

Use those resources and funds to repair your colonists rather than leaving them to die or realising you can't afford to keep them around if they're not capable of working. More interesting than just being careless with combat or sending caravans to nowhere.

OSHA Compliance

Because colonists can avoid the traps they put down. At least with this mod they can.

Colony Manager

A new job type that allows colonists to look up the stock supplies and tag some of the local flora and fauna to keep the barns well stocked.

Path Avoid

Sometimes you need to explain to the AI that you need it to path slightly differently to enable your designs to work efficiently. Stop using my freezer as a corridor just because it opens into two rooms!

Stack Merger

Haulers now work to merge piles inside a stockpile when they're not doing more important hauling.

Quality Builder

Tell builders that if they make something bad then you want them to take is apart and try again, just like when they fail to construct something.

Realistic Rooms, Stack XXL, & Dubs Skylight

These are probably more cheats than anything with an aim for balance but if you prefer to build smaller bases then this changes the penalties to allow that (both in what sizes of rooms you need and how much you can stack in each space - I find 2x for raw resources etc doesn't break anything) and offers skylights for building indoor areas without being stuck in the dark. No need to make a few holes in the ceiling any more.

Small UI tweaks: Medical Tab, Animal Tab, Work Tab, Organized Research Tab, & Allow Tool

See medical issues, more quick actions on the animals tab, a very detailed work tab with more options even if you don't use the granular tasks, sort the research tab, and unforbid lots of things faster.

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